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Pet First Aid Course

  • What would do you do if your dog starts choking?
  • What’s the safest way to transport your pet if it’s injured?
  • How do you perform CPR if your dog’s heart stops beating?
  • What should be in a first aid kit for your pet?
Most pet owners, including me, don’t think about these issues.

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Best practices for dog socialisation (dog playdates)

Healthy dog socialisation starts at an early age, but is important for all dogs, young or old. Socialisation sets the groundwork for easy interaction and play as they grow older.

There's a few important things to keep in mind when it comes to dogs playing together...

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Easy home made dog treats - mini peanut butter sandwiches

With just two everyday ingredients - peanut butter and sliced bread - quickly prepare some tasty treats for your dog. No cooking is required!

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Pets of the Homeless (Australia) - a charity helping pets on the street

Pets of the Homeless is an outstanding Australian charity, founded in 2015 in Melbourne by Yvonne Wong.

Yvonne started out small - she bought the pet supplies and then set out on the street by herself to hand the items out. After sharing stories of her experiences on social media, she saw that people resonated with her work; an online community started to grow around it and the donations came flooding in.

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Online chocolate toxicity calculator for dogs

New dog owners are sometimes surprised to find that chocolate is highly toxic to dogs. The reason is due to an ingredient in chocolate called theobromine, which cannot be metabolised properly by dogs.

Dr Alex Avery from the Our Pets Health blog has created an easy to use chocolate (theobromide) poisoning calculator for dogs. You enter your dog's weight in kg and it calculates the level of chocolate ingestion at which mild and severe poisoning will occur.

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