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Campaign to discourage owning dog breeds which have chronic medical problems

The RSPCA and the Australian Veterinary Association have come together to launch a campaign to educate dog breeders, dog owners and vets about the problems inherent with some pedigree breeds of dog such as pugs, british bulldogs, french bulldogs, boston terriers and pekingese, among others.

The campaign website is - Love Is Blind (We Love Our Dogs)

Its worth spending some time reading this website and watching the videos - this is a great initiative which we totally agree with.

From the website:

Many breeds of dog have exaggerated physical features, which means they can’t breathe, walk or give birth normally. Many have chronic and painful ear, skin and eye problems. These problems prevent many dogs from having a normal and comfortable life.

This results from breeding to pedigree ‘breed standards’ that focus on appearance rather than selecting traits that are best for the dogs’ health and well-being.

RSPCA Australia and the Australian Veterinary Association are calling for a fundamental shift in the way purebred dogs are selected and bred in Australia.

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