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Council pays for professional dog walkers for locked-down apartment dwellers

The Victorian council of Maribyrnong pays for a professional dog walker to take three pet dogs living in the Ariele Apartments for walks three times a day, at a cost of $35 each walk.

The service has become necessary after residents of the apartment complex were banned from leaving their building due to it being visited by the two NSW removalists, the source of the current Victorian COVID-19 Delta variant outbreak.

Ms Clement (pictured), said at first Vernon her pet dog went for 24 hours without a walk and was forced to use plants on the balcony as a toilet, which he had been trained against doing. Now that Vernon is being walked daily, “it makes me feel so much better”, she said. “He's calmer, which makes me calmer as well.”

RSPCA animal behaviourist Gabrielle Carter said providing a dog walker was “a great initiative”. “There’s lots of sights, smells and sounds when they go out, and if you’re locked up in a room, a bit like us you get a bit of cabin fever and you need that extra stimulation to be able to relax and settle.”


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