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Dog food reviews

New dog owners are often faced with a bewildering amount of advice when it comes to feeding their new dog. If you got your furry friend from a breeder they likely included some feeding advice, and your vet will often advise something like Hills Science Diet (at least our vet did). We did try Hills Science Diet for our beagle, and he loved it. But dogs also like variety, so I did a bit of research of some alternatives.

Once of the best sites I came across was this one - It contains reviews and comments on the majority of pet foods available in Australia. The website is maintained by a Perth resident as a free resource. Anyone can sign up and leave a comment on each review.

Two additional dry dog foods we decided to try after reading through this site were Applaws and Farmers Market. Ripley our beagle really enjoys these two, and we found them to be a good combination of decent quality at a reasonable price. Each brand has a couple of available flavours to keep things interesting for Ripley, and both are available at our local supermarket.

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