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Low cost (subsidised) desexing for Australian cat and dog owners

Its not widely known, but for those in financial need, there is a great network of vets around Australia who offer subsidised desexing for cats and dogs.

When you desex your pet, you’re doing yourself, your pet and your community a big favour.

The National Desexing Network publishes a map of all of the vets who provide a low cost service around Australia:

Health benefits
  • Reduced risk of your pet cat or dog getting cancer or another diseases of their reproductive organs.
  • Physical and nutritional exhaustion of females due to continual breeding.
  • Pets generally live longer and healthier lives.
Behavioural benefits
  • Less prone to escape the yard, wander off and fight with other males.
  • Reduction of territorial behaviour.
  • Eliminates the "on heat" cycles in female.
Cost benefits
  • Reduces the cost to the community of having to care for unwanted puppies and kittens in pounds and shelters.
  • No need to find homes for unexpected litters of puppies or kittens.
  • The price of desexing is more affordable to those in financial need.

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