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Pets of the Homeless (Australia) - a charity helping pets on the street

Pets of the Homeless (Australia)

Pets of the Homeless is an outstanding Australian charity, founded in 2015 in Melbourne by Yvonne Hong.

Yvonne started out small - she bought the pet supplies and then set out on the street by herself to hand the items out. After sharing stories of her experiences on social media, she saw that people resonated with her work; an online community started to grow around it and the donations came flooding in.

The charity now makes it as easy as possible for people to donate - either donate their time, donate pet food and supplies, or donate with money.

Pets of the Homeless Australia’s story shows how one person’s passion to incite change in one small area can spark a community of kindness into doing something about a greater issue.

On Saturday, November 16, 2019, they opened their first pet food bank - in the Melbourne suburb of Cheltenham. Pictured below is founder Yvonne Hong along with celebrity and supporter Myf Warhurst cutting the ribbon to mark the opening.

Pets of the Homeless (Australia) - opening a new food bank in Cheltenham, Melbourne.

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