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Veterinary advice on slow feeder bowls - positive and worthwhile

Updated: 28 March, 2021

Hi All,

Just a quick post to list some reference articles by vets from Australia, UK and USA regarding slow feed bowls, and their benefits in preventing obesity, bloat, vomiting and other gastrointestinal disorders in cats and dogs.
Ref 1 - Harper Adams University, Shropshire, UK. 
Go slow feeding bowls: how effective are they are getting dogs to eat more slowly? - PDF

Ref 2 - Journal of Feline Medicine & Surgery, USA. 
Food Puzzles For Cats: Feeding for physical and emotional wellbeing (Journal of Feline Medicine & Surgery, 2016) - PDF

Ref 3 - Brunswick Central Vet Clinic, VIC, Australia.
Inventive ways to feed your dog
Ref 4 - Preventive Vet, Portland, OR, USA. 
Is Your Dog A Food Gobbler? How to Safely Slow Down Your Dog's Eating 

Ref 5 - Pet MD, Boston, MA, USA.
Gulpers: Why They Do it and How to Deal With Them

Ref 6 - Perth Cat Hospital, Perth, WA, Australia 
Food puzzles for cats: How to make feeding more natural

The conclusion drawn in all the above articles is that the slow feeder bowl is effective in slowing down the rate of eating of your pet. While doing so it can also provide some mental stimulation during meal times.
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