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What to do if your dog or cat is stung by a bee?

Spring is well underway in Australia, and this means flowers, and flowers means bees! Bees are often attracted to grass and weed flowers at ground level, which are common in parks and also on garden verges or the side of footpaths.

If your pet gets stung by a bee, here's what you need to do:

  • There may be local swelling or tenderness at the sting site. If the stinger is still embedded, try to remove it
  • On the sting site, apply an ice pack covered by a tea towel

Seek veterinary advice if:

  • Your pet is licking the sting area constantly, or
  • Your pet is limping, or
  • Your pet is lethargic, or
  • Your pet is obviously in pain

Some dogs and cats are allergic to bee stings - they may go into anaphylactic shock if they are not seen immediately by a vet ...

Seek emergency veterinary advice immediately if:

  • Your pet has trouble breathing, or
  • Starts vomiting soon after the bee sting, or
  • Has pale gums, or
  • Has collapsed

Thanks to Morley Vet Centre's newsletter for the detail of this article.

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