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Dog food reviews

New dog owners are often faced with a bewildering amount of advice when it comes to feeding their new dog. If you got your furry friend from a breeder they likely included some feeding advice, and your vet will often advise something like Hills Science Diet.

Read on for our recommended Australian pet food review site.

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Common cat myths busted

Cats are the subject of many urban legends, tales and myths. Lets debunk six commonly held beliefs about cats ...

1. Cats always land on their feet
2. Cats hate water
3. Cats are low maintenance pets
4. Indoor cats don’t need to see a vet
5. Cats only purr when happy
6. Cats are nocturnal

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Why floppy eared dogs tend to be preferred as airport sniffer dogs

Next time you're at the airport and a sniffer dog approaches you, note whether it has floppy ears or not... typically the dog's breed will be a beagle, an English springer spaniel, a German shorthaired pointer or a Vizsla, all of which have floppy ears.

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A "Bestie" - can you guess which two dog breeds are involved?

Can you guess which two dog breeds are involved in the "Bestie"?

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Dog agility - a great sport for both you and your pet

Dog agility is a sport that involves both your dog and you. The idea is that you direct your dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. Like any sport, it takes some amount of training to become good at it.

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