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Customer reviews - Slow Feeder Bowl - Lime

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Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Slow Feeder Dog Bowl
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3 July, 2019 - Tracy
(Slow Feeder Bowl - Lime)
Our puppy (newly adopted at 8 months) ate his food so fast, I thought he would get sick (we are talking seconds to finish his bowl). We bought this bowl and now it takes a minute or two for him to eat - still fast, but that's not seconds. He has no trouble using it. I wanted a bowl that was not too difficult to use to start with - may graduate to one that takes even longer and switch the bowls around. The bowl feels quite durable, washes up nicely (I always wash by hand) but I think it can go in the dishwasher.

19 May, 2019 - Kellie
(Slow Feeder Bowl - Lime)
Our dachshund used to gobble up her dry food (with water added) and then choke or throw it up. This dish requires her to eat slowly and to move her tongue around the 3 little "barriers" to get her food. It WORKS~~~~

14 March, 2019 - Sadie
(Slow Feeder Bowl - Lime)
Works amazing! My cat is a regular scarf and barfer and he hasn't thrown up in 2 weeks since I've had this and eats MUCH MUCH slower now...perfect size for cats

26 February, 2019 - Kurt
(Slow Feeder Bowl - Lime)
Got this for my fat cat to slow her down. She's a nervous eater and scarfs food down when it's available, often puking as a result. We're pretty sure this has reduced her vomiting substantially, and she's even lost a bit of weight in the last few weeks.

8 January, 2019 - Phillip
(Slow Feeder Bowl - Lime)
One of my cats is food-obsessed, and downs his entire scoop of dry food at each feeding in under a minute. Because of that, he was often throwing his food up shortly after feeding times. A friend of ours has a small dog that behaves similarly, and a slow feed bowl helped them. Since we have started using this, he has only thrown up one time, and now takes as long to finish his food as our slowest eater. We are happy with this purchase.

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