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Customer reviews - Slow Feeder Bowl - Stainless Steel

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Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Slow Feeder Dog Bowl
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16 March, 2020 - Scott
(Slow Feeder Bowl - Stainless Steel)
The bowl is fantastic! My English Bulldog loves it. Although some kibbles get stuck underneath his jaws and tracks a few kibbles around the house. The Veterinarian and I find it hilarious. It has kept my English Bulldog to eat slower finally!

30 December, 2020 - Ron
(Slow Feeder Bowl - Stainless Steel)
This definitely slowed my puppy's eating. The bowl is nice quality and does not slip on floor or carpet.

15 November, 2019 - Jerry
(Slow Feeder Bowl - Stainless Steel)
It’s definitely slowed my beagle down as she eats so fast. Very solid, I think this thing will last forever. Also, the bowl was shipped and delivered very quickly. Great product great seller. Thanks!

27 October, 2019 - Patti
(Slow Feeder Bowl - Stainless Steel)
I have two Labrador Retrievers and they inhale their food. I have always used a slow feed dog bowl. This bowl does not slide all over the kitchen rug like my old bowls. Good quality stainless steel.

8 September, 2019 - Jennifer
(Slow Feeder Bowl - Stainless Steel)
Just what I was looking for for my 80 pound golden retriever! Slowed him down which is exactly what I needed it to do!

26 June, 2019 - Tom
(Slow Feeder Bowl - Stainless Steel)
Our 2 year old boxer has a bad habit of scarfing down her food in less than a minute, eating whole pieces of dog food, which causes her to throw up at times. To get her to eat slower, we have to wait between each of the 3 scoops she gets. This bowl slows her down enough to make her chew once she gets a piece out. She even has to chase the last few pieces to get them out. Love the stainless steel construction and the non-slip ring. Easy to clean and no pushing the bowl around.

3 April, 2019 - Michael
(Slow Feeder Bowl - Stainless Steel)
So, my pooch used to wolf down his food road runner fast. Then once in a while puke it up. Then if I was not quick enough on the draw he would eat it right up again. Enough, I said. I got this bowl. Stainless means tough and easy to clean. My guy is 20 pounds, and this bowl seemed to be too big. But fear not. The center "post" greatly diminishes the volume the bowl can hold.
Have had this for some time now. Terrific item. No puking since it has been in use. Does slow down his eating.
Am thinking of getting on for my son, who eats too fast!

19 February, 2019 - Sally
(Slow Feeder Bowl - Stainless Steel)
We ordered this feeder for our Leonberger puppy. He was vacuuming his kibble and we wanted to slow him down. This bowl worked like a charm! Zeppelin no longer Hoovers his food! The quality is great and I like the silicone ring on the bottom so he doesn't scoot his dish all over when he eats.

26 January, 2019 - Bane
(Slow Feeder Bowl - Stainless Steel)
I adopted my second dog from a not so great situation; she was underweight, and she would immediately scarf down all her food to make sure she got it all and nothing else took it from her. She ate so fast that she would end up choking sometimes. I started putting lacrosse balls and other toys in her bowl to try to slow her down, but she was smart enough to pick the toys up and out them aside. This bowl solves that problem by making sure the "obstacle" remains fixed and forced her to eat around it effectively slowing her down. The silicone ring around the bowl is a nice touch too because she would flip her bowl a lot too, and the stainless steel makes it easy to clean.

28 December, 2018 - Robert
(Slow Feeder Bowl - Stainless Steel)
This worked well for for my terrier who thinks any and everything can be eaten. I needed him to slow down enough to let my other dog finish his food, otherwise feeding is a struggle. I also worry about him inhaling his meals. In the end he’s just a very fast eater and probably always will be, but this gives him a little extra time. I also wanted a stainless steel bowl so I’m glad this was an option.

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