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Chow Slow Our Story - Harvey and Ripley
Harvey with Ripley the Beagle
Chow Slow Our Story - Tran and Ripley
Tran with Ripley the Beagle

We were inspired in 2018 by the need to find a way to slow down the eating of our own pet dog, Ripley - a forever hungry beagle. With the nickname "A nose connected to a stomach", beagles are known for being ravenous eaters who will never refuse food. This makes them prone to becoming overweight but also to vomiting food soon after eating.

After using a slow feeder bowl - the turquoise one pictured - Ripley no longer has issues with regurgitation. He's noticeably less stressed during meal times, now that there's no rush to eat as quickly as possible. The relaxed minutes he takes to finish his cup of dry food now is a welcome relief from the hurried earlier experience.

We are offering a selection of four different designs of slow feeder bowls, all of which we successfully trialled with both Ripley and other family dogs and cats. Our stainless steel and lime bowls slow down eating by a factor of around three times. The turquoise bowl slows down eating by a factor of around six times and is currently our best seller. Our Northmate Catch slow feeder bowl is designed for cats, and includes a variety of tall obstacles.

Our slow feeder bowls:

We are based in Perth, Western Australia and can be contacted by email on and also by telephone on (08) 9242 4032.

Harvey & Tran

Chow Slow
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